Though it hasn’t yet translated into votes during elections, the gig, as they say, is just about up for Covidian fascists who have used the pandemic as an excuse to plunder the American treasury for power and profit, and to strip us of our civil liberties along the way.
The biggest threats to the United States today come in two delicious “monger” flavors: warmongering and fearmongering.
The warmongers tell us we shall cease to exist if we do not give in to dictator Volodymyr Zelensky’s every demand in Ukraine, including starting a nuclear war with Russia, if that is what he wants. Meanwhile, the fearmongers continue to tell us that humanity will cease to exist if we all don’t shut up, get jabbed, wear a mask, and do exactly as we are told by the government.
Between the two, the fearmongers are the easiest to expose, but perhaps the hardest to get rid of. To cite just one example, by now most people who diligently follow national and world events know that the Covid threat is long behind us, if it ever was a thing. Even in the earliest days, it killed only the very elderly and those who had serious underlying health issues, while the number of deaths was vastly overstated to make it appear otherwise.
That’s why, early on, the Milwaukee medical examiner (who, surprise, surprise, was forced out of his position) began posting the death certificates of those supposedly dying of Covid. Anybody who took the time to look saw that most people died with Covid, not of it, and the virus mostly hastened deaths just weeks and months away.
Now we’re not saying those people didn’t deserve those weeks or months. Sure they and their families did. The point is, Covid only ever really threatened a small definable subset of the population, despite what headlines blared. A targeted strategy to save those populations — as dissident scientists and doctors urged from the beginning and that had been the consensus approach in pandemic preparedness plans — would have been far smarter than universal lockdowns.
But oh those headlines. This week at the Oneida County board, supervisor Mike Roach allowed as how he had traveled around the country during the height of the pandemic and saw no one dying. He will likely be attacked for saying that, but there’s an essential if overstated truth to what he said. 
At about that same time, for example, newspapers, citing government officials, actually reported that bodies were piling up in various cities, the streets were deserted, and the situation was grim, though people in those very cities were posting pictures on social media of a vibrant night life in the streets. It was anything but grim.
It was a tale not just of two cities but of two realities.
The situation is even better now. Stadiums are packed, and so are restaurants. Life is mostly back to normal. The later strains of Covid are much less dangerous than the original virus, and the disease is most often like a case of the flu. 
If a person is not very old or seriously ill, there’s usually nothing to sweat. Oh sure, Covid will kill a healthy personal occasionally — the vaccinated as well as the unvaccinated — much like the flu does. It’s not to downplay any death but to put it in perspective.
That’s important, given the government’s ongoing efforts to keep the pandemic going. President Biden has just extended the national “public health emergency” until at least April, which will keep mandates and fear alive. As part of the package, the administration is proposing another $10 billion in Covid relief dollars, which clueless Republicans will likely support, the bulk of which will be spent on vaccine promotion and development, including some kind of weird thing called Project Covid Shield. 
Central to keeping the pandemic going, of course, is the need to vaccinate every single human being. This isn’t good.
It isn’t good because, while the virus no longer poses a serious threat to public health, the vaccine does. By any measure, the vaccines have failed in their mission and, worse, they are dangerous.
Many esteemed scientists, doctors, and researchers have known this for some time, but the government and Big Tech have spent much of the last two years censoring their attempts to tell the truth. Combine that with the mainstream media’s constant drumbeat of pro-government fearmongering, and it’s hard to see the truth.
But slowly the truth is coming out, the charlatans are being exposed, and not merely on the national level but on the local level, too. The veil of vaccine hoaxology is being pierced.
That was evident at this past week’s meeting of the Oneida County board of supervisors, when supervisor Debbie Condado spearheaded an effort to block the county from using federal relief dollars to promote the Covid vaccines for children.
In what was a refreshing change of pace at this county board, Condado came well prepared to challenge the prevailing bureaucratic narrative, and she prevailed in her effort. As such, every Oneida County parent should be especially grateful this week for her public service, and we likewise salute her for addressing an extremely important issue. The dangers of the vaccine go well beyond childhood, but that’s a very important start.
In her presentation, Condado made multiple critical points, including the fact that Covid has always been low risk for children. There never has been a medical reason to vaccinate them.
At one point, it was argued that an infected child was going to kill granny, so vaccinating the child protected the elderly. But now we know indisputably that the vaccine does not prevent transmission, and we also know that the government knew that all along. The government lied to the American people: There simply is no reason to inject a child with such an experimental drug.
And that’s particularly true given the vaccine injuries that have occurred. Condado took the county board through the statistics of child vaccine injury and dangers to babies posed by the vaccination of pregnant women, and readers can see those in the accompanying story. 
But it’s important to know the broader picture, too: As of late September, 1,141,220 adverse events had been reported after vaccination, including 31,074 reports of deaths and 258,480 serious injuries. 
We note that Condado uses data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, as we do. Critics maintain that those statistics don’t show causation — to wit, even though an adverse event followed vaccination, there’s no proof the vaccination caused it. That’s true, and in many cases a vaccine didn’t cause the adverse event, but the correlation to time is critical. That is to say, the closer an adverse event is to the vaccination, the stronger the correlation.
For instance, of the 13,705 U.S. deaths reported as of July 15, 7 percent occurred within 24 hours of vaccination, 15 percent occurred within 48 hours of vaccination and 54 percent occurred in people who experienced an onset of symptoms within 48 hours of being vaccinated.
Most of those people were completely healthy. The vaccine might not have caused all those deaths, but it would take a fool to deny any association between the vaccine and fatal outcomes.
As we have argued before, the true value in VAERS is the ability to compare reported adverse events compared to other vaccines. Because the reporting system is the same, vaccines that have high numbers of reported adverse events compared to other vaccines are red-flagged as suspicious and investigated. Many of them in the past have been subsequently pulled, thanks to VAERS. 
The idea is that, while not every report is associative, the general trend compared to what normally happens is indicative of dangers lurking in specific vaccines.
Condado superbly made just such a comparison, pointing out in her presentation to the board that, as of May 20, there had been 4,202 cases reported of fetal deaths following Covid-19 vaccines for the 18 months after vaccines were issued their emergency use authorizations, while the exact same search in VAERS for the previous 30 years showed only 2,239 fetal deaths recorded following all FDA approved vaccines combined during those 30 years. 
Yeah, Houston, that’s a problem. And it’s not just fetal deaths. The same is true of deaths and all serious injuries for the Covid jabs compared to all other vaccines combined. In a previous age, before the FDA was just a propaganda arm of Big Pharma, the vaccines would have been pulled. 
These numbers are exactly why other nations are pulling back from the shots, even as our own government plows ahead.
In Norway, health officials now advise boosters only for older Norwegians aged 65 and older, or those under 65 with an underlying risk of severe disease or with severe underlying conditions. In Denmark, the Danish Health Authority (DHA) is only offering vaccine boosters to those aged 50 and older, and those under 50 who are at a higher risk of becoming severely ill from Covid-19. 
Australia, one of the most aggressive pro-vaccination and lockdown governments early on, has also stopped recommending a second booster shot for healthy adults under the age of 50, and is effectively prohibiting the shots for those aged 16-30 except for those who have “complex, chronic, or severe medical conditions that increase their risk of severe illness from Covid-19.”
Just this week, Australia reiterated that it won’t recommend a third booster for any age group.
Put simply, the vaccines should be abandoned for everyone except for those truly at high risk, and it should never be injected into the arms of children, especially the bivalent booster that was never tested on humans, only eight mice.
Fortunately, despite propaganda questions, Americans are seeing the light, thanks to good public servants like Debbie Condado. Indeed, the US has already thrown away millions of unwanted doses and 90 percent of Americans have rejected the latest booster.
Of course that just provokes the Biden administration into spending even more tax dollars to encourage vaccination. The reason is obvious: The win-win for the establishment is to continue to line the pockets of pharmaceutical companies with billions of dollars to produce snake oil — dangerous snake oil — while keeping Americans too afraid to vote for change.
That’s the same logic behind the war — those billions in tax dollars line the pockets of the corporate-military complex, while stoking the fear of war also helps Democrats cling to power.
Of course, all those dollars are stolen from the American people. They continue to infect the economy with unsustainable inflationary pressures and debt. Only time will tell if Americans will one day wake up and see what’s really going on. They did not in this last election, thanks in part to the failure of Republicans to point out the truth and, in some cases, to participate in the charade.
But at least the veil is being pierced here and there and on the local level. So we thank Condado for her work this week. She lifted the veil on our public health, and she showed us quite a lot.
Over time, such peeks into reality will make a difference.