To the Editor:
Have you noticed the latest twist in politics? Even the Democrats are blaming Biden for his handling of, well, everything. It is not Biden’s fault. Biden just wants his ice cream.
For the people that are die-hard MSM (Main Stream Media) believers, I’m sorry for the public educational system failing you. 
Everyone by now should realize Biden did not really want to be president. Jill Biden wanted to be first lady at all expense, even her husband’s health. There are even published photos of her sitting at the desk in the Oval Office reviewing papers. Is she the one making decisions? Might almost seem like it. Because it is also reported that Jill and Kamala are arguing/fighting. Over what? Who is in control?
Even doctors are now reporting that Biden is not capable to be president. Listen to Biden and the things he says or tries to say. Biden is not capable of making rational decisions. Which raises the question, “Who is making the decisions for the country?”
The same people that put him in office. The political elite, of which come from both sides of the aisle. They are the rich elite that believe they know best, especially for their own financial gain. And to hell with the average person. These elite currently are most known to be democrat politicians (and others).
These elite are getting richer. Just look at the government spending. Biden is raising the country’s debt much faster than Trump ever did. This 3.5 trillion infrastructure spending bill has less than 1 trillion going to infrastructure. Who is getting the money? Not me. Not you. Eventually these elite people and the uneducated public will blame Biden. But Biden just wants his ice cream.
It is the elite democrats making decisions. They can blame Biden and continue to live the high life (Sorry Miller Brewing). Now, this Afghan mess. Everyone and I mean everyone should have known that leaving the Afghan area would eventually be a mess. They have been fighting there for centuries, they are not going to change.
The question becomes, “Why now?”
At this point I would expect everyone is aware of the mess now with the U.S. military pulling out. As in the paragraph above. It was going to be a mess whenever this pull-out happened. So, “Why now?”
The democrat elite realize their future in politics is on a major down hill slide. To better set up their democrat politicians, this Afghan mess would be better if things (mess) happened sooner than next year, an election year. The democrat elite are planning on the American people (democrats) forgetting this mess in a year and still vote democrat. If you are not aware, there are reports starting to surface with this info.
On a different note, there are also reports the medicine Ivermectin works to fight this covid thing. Doctors reporting success against covid without shots, are all being censored and removed from the public view. I am not going to write on that now. Here is a location to find a CDC (Center for Disease Control) paper to verify that information.  – Yes, the government and the CDC and the MSM and the democrat elite know this.
At the end of all this, the elites responsible for all this, are hoping you forget the Afghan mess. Covid will suddenly no longer be a hazard. Biden will get all the blame. And you will vote democrat. So, the elite can continue to live their rich life style.
All this is not Biden’s fault. Biden just wants his ice cream.
Rick Holman