To the Editor:
Recently an opinion piece from someone in Hudson was published. From beginning to end, it was a vile attack on the editors of this award-winning newspaper. Reading the article it became clear zero efforts were made to fact-check the nasty insinuations and hate-filled rhetoric. One thing jumped out to explain the diatribe of venom was the individual’s rant hinted at having possible buyer’s remorse from his vote last November. 
This is my response to some of what he claimed: It has been on the internet, Prince Harry, a friend of the current administration in DC, or so he and his wife thought, put out a communication prior to January 6th about what some thought to be a warning about what would happen on that date. It is well known Haz and Megs are not Trump fans. Who knew but them? Was it possibly insider information about plans for January 6th that coordinated with a speech President Trump was giving that day down the road apiece? I thought to myself, so, the proven fraudulent Russian dossier put together and paid for by a sore loser’s team and two attempts by hateful Democrats in Congress to impeach a lawfully elected President had not worked. Time for another assault! 
Fact, it follows without the illegal votes counted for Biden, Trump won by a landslide two months prior. In multiple states, we now have concrete evidence and testimony, people, ballots and electoral votes have been corrupted to steal the November 2020 presidential election. It is a known fact, at least in Arizona, that George Soros, friend of the Left, invested in corrupt politicians and poll workers to make or steal ballots to put Democrats in office including Biden/Harris in the White House. 
Fact. Nancy Pelosi had her sergeant-at-arms open the doors to the Capitol building to allow rioters dressed as Trump supporters to invade the place. The result of 10 months of outside study and witness’ statements has shown Pelosi’s concocted insurrection was another attempt to smear President Trump. 
The Left’s endless but rightful Congressional investigation of what the Left calls an insurrection is proving to be nothing but a stall tactic in buying themselves time until another crisis can be created. They never let us down. Afghanistan for one. Covid lockdowns and vaccine mandates, but not for millions of illegals, just to name a few. Outside investigation finds ahead of the Capitol riots threats were supposedly present, but help offered denied, possibly to assist opening the doors to the rioters? The nefarious packages placed ahead of the riot were not by Trump’s people. At least one rioter was an actor associated with the Left along with BLM and Antifa members dressed up as Trump supporters. The person pulling the trigger, killing a female veteran, was not, in fact, a Trump supporter. People are still being illegally confined in a DC jail without due cause since that date — 10 months ago! Members of Congress are having a helluva time trying to get in to see these people held as well as the conditions they are being held in isolation. Recently, it was published guards tried to gas those illegally confined as a possible form of torture. Following the gassing, these “prisoners” had to be evacuated for medical reasons. Photographic evidence plus the narrative on the topic is published and available to support this claim. All this information is available for public research and has been on the internet, as well as regular local, state and national news sites or consulting with members of Congress. Back up your nastiness, please. I say heads should roll for treason, but when? 

Nancy Brandt
Presque Isle