To the Editor:
Recently, the Al-Gen restaurant in Rhinelander caught fire. When WJFW broke the story on social media, the comments were mostly from people giving well wishes to the owners, and thanking God no one was hurt. Seemingly innocent comments, right?
That is, until Kirk Bangstad enters the comments under his Minocqua Brewing Company profile.
The comments made on the post from Kirk were downright disgusting. In his comments, he accused the owners of “probably setting fire to themselves to collect insurance money.” Who says this? 
Oh, that’s right, a bitter “politician” who lost the election in 2020 to Rep. Rob Swearingen, who just happens to be the owner of Al-Gen.
This is no way to act, especially as a local business owner. Times are hard enough as it is for local businesses, with rising costs and staffing issues. It’s a shame that Mr. Bangstad feels the need to harass and slander other businesses and people in the area who don’t align with his political views. 
This country, now more than ever, needs its citizens to come together again. That’s hard when you have people like Bangstad who only seem to exist to cause even more of a divide. 
Cali Dankovich