To the Editor:
I couldn’t help but gasp when I read the April 6 letter to the editor about the George Floyd trial submitted by Robert Patterson. I do not know this person, but I sincerely hope he never gets called upon to serve any jury duty. His sanctimonious verbiage appalls me that he condones killing a man for an offense which, according to the Minneapolis police chief’s testimony, merited a citation and NOT an arrest resulting in being taken into custody. Mr. Patterson wrote that George Floyd was “no choir boy.” Mr. Floyd served his time for his previous offenses which are irrelevant to the complaint of passing a counterfeit $20 bill. I am not sure if I could determine if paper money I exchange is legitimate and I thank God I have not been faced with charges for unknowingly passing counterfeit money. Mr. Floyd was handcuffed and, according to expert testimony, did not need to be forced onto the ground and put into a choke hold not condoned by the Minneapolis Police Department. His transgression did not merit leaving a two-year old child fatherless. (Note that Mr. Chauvin was “no choir boy” either, having 18 complaints filed against him in almost as many years.)
I will not dignify Mr. Patterson’s racist innuendos in this letter, but I will say that Mr. Patterson would have fit in very well in the days of burning people at the stake, tar and feathering and lynching in the glow of a burning cross. I cannot fathom how any rational person can see the video footage of Derek Chauvin’s cold stare as he knelt on a man calling “Mama” without even taking his hands out of his pants pockets. I am glad I am not on that jury, but I am even happier that Mr. Patterson is not, either. 

Hannah Dana
Arbor Vitae