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Lakeland Times, Minocqua, Wisconsin
Friday, December 6, 2019 7:30 AM
Oneida County has a big decision to make, and taxpayers should look closely at what they choose to do. (subscriber access)
  • People who want to work should be allowed to work. That includes people who once went to jail. 

    With President Donald Trump’s support, Congress spends your money giving ex-cons “employment assistance.” (subscriber access)
  • Over the holidays, I read Elton John’s biography, “Me.” He writes about his friendship with Freddie Mercury, the ultratalented lead singer of the rock group Queen. Mercury tragically died of AIDS at the age of 45 in 1991. Mercury was one of the last people to die of the disease in Britain during the epidemic years. (subscriber access)
  • It was a sweet and important win for the average person and for accountability when, as we report in today’s edition, cable giant CNN agreed last week to settle a defamation suit filed by Kentucky high school student Nick Sandmann, who counterpunched against the network for painting him as a racist. (subscriber access)
  • What President Donald Trump said to the nation about the prospect of war with Iran impressed many listeners far less than the way he said it — or slurred it. Unlike the manipulated video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that made her appear drunk, Trump delivered a live speech that made him sound impaired. (subscriber access)
  • Remember the good old days when politicians talked about policy? 

    It seems like such a long time ago, but back in the day elections actually turned on what policy positions candidates took, and whether incumbents had lived up to their promises. (subscriber access)
  • Is anyone here old enough to remember the urgent warning issued in a speech to the National Convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars in August 2002 by an American vice president who had artfully avoided the military draft during wartime? (subscriber access)
  • This past month we have been awash in various studies abut the efficacy of industrial clusters — those focused government efforts to provide tax breaks and other financial incentives sufficient to boost a particular industry in a particular place — so it’s time to weigh in about the potential effects of these clusters on northern Wisconsin. (subscriber access)
  • The American president, in addition to serving as commander in chief, is expected to be this nation’s consoler in chief, as well as the nation’s teacher and even preacher. Who alive on Jan. 28, 1986, does not remember the words of then-President Ronald Reagan from the Oval Office following the explosion of the Challenger that killed all seven astronauts on board, seen live on television by millions? (subscriber access)
  • The spirit of goodwill can take us by surprise this season, without respect to religion (or even politics). And while such a moment may not quite become an epiphany, it can still make us think again about our lives and times. Which is what happened to me over the weekend before Christmas. (subscriber access)
  • If there is any lesson we have learned about the Federal Reserve system in the last few years, it is that the supposed oracles who run our central bank are anything but infallible. (subscriber access)
  • Actually, it’s always the season for liberal folly, but these cheerless folks have given us a bounty during this holiday, for their single issue — impeachment — is a gift to conservatives that likely will keep on giving right through next November. (subscriber access)

  • Although I qualify for the senior discount at the movies, even I’m not old enough to have met Heraclitus, the wise Greek who lived some 25 centuries ago and whom we can thank for the timeless wisdom “Character is destiny.”

    Here in Washington, one elected national leader commands the affection and the respect of her constituents. (subscriber access)

  • When President Donald Trump’s defenders aren’t simply lying about the House impeachment inquiry — it all happened in a Capitol Hill basement with no Republicans present, as one of his lawyers told National Public Radio — they complain about the lack of firsthand witnesses to presidential abuse. They assume nobody will notice that Trump himself forbid any testimony by those with the most direct knowledge of his attempts to extort Ukraine.
  • Our sources are telling us that President Trump is nearing a decision on how to revive the all-but-dormant American uranium industry. This proposed plan would create a reserve of domestically mined uranium stored in a “Federal Uranium Security Stockpile.” One option on the table is for the Department of Defense to purchase uranium through the 1950 Defense Production Act. 
  • It’s almost — almost — hard to remember all the abuses enacted against the people of Wisconsin more than a decade ago by the administrative state during the regime of Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle and his bureaucratic allies. (subscriber access)
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