The Lakeland track team was back in action this past weekend, training to get better and put in some good performances down in UW-Whitewater.

UW-Whitewater was the host for the W/TFA State Indoor Championships on April 6. That was where coach Dan Claussen took seven girls and one boy down to compete in various events throughout the day.

“Like I say every time, the kids were awesome,” Claussen said. “And they all met the expectations that we had for them.”

The first highlight came from the girls side with Olivia Wingo. She was able to set a personal record in the pole vault. Then came another great performance by Ashley Peterson. 

Peterson finished sixth overall in the mile with a time of 5:16.65 and ran 10 seconds faster than she did last year.

Another bright spot was for Ashley Ullius, who set a personal record in the 800 indoor with a time of 2:37.04. Both Stephanie and Riley Mauzer also set personal records in the race.

Riley finished with a time of 2:32.64 and Stephanie finished in the top 20 with a time of 2.29.18

For the boys side it was Zach Hayes who competed in the pole vault. He cleared the opening height of 12 feet, but was unable to clear 12-06. 

“He cleared that and had three really really good tries at 12-06 feet but missed,” Claussen said.

This week is filled with potentially snowy weather which makes it hard to get outside for the track team. Weather like that can be difficult to train in and difficult to get future meets in.

“Because of the weather we’re not too excited to get outside,” Claussen said.

Meets like these will continue to help this Lakeland track team get stronger. Their next scheduled meet is Thursday, April 11 at Medford. 

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