The Lakeland gymnastics team traveled to Ashland on Saturday, Feb. 9, to compete.

As a team Lakeland finished eighth with a score of 72.725.

Individually, Sarah Thompson and Anna Thompson competed in all four events.

Sarah Thompson scored a total of 25.25 and Anna Thompson scored a total of 17.2.

On the floor routine, Sarah Thompson scored a 6.6 which was good for 24th place. Anna Smith scored a 5.15 which was good for 30th place.

On the balance beam, Sarah Thompson scored a 5.7 and Anna Thompson scored a 5.6, these were good for 24th and 25th place respectively.

On the vault, Julie Neuberg scored a 7.8 which was good for 18th place. Anna and Sarah Thompson each scored a 7.05, which was good for 26th place. Cameryn Teichmiller scored a 6.2.

On the uneven bars, Julie Neuberg scored a 6.7 for 16th place, Sarah Thompson scored a 5.9 for 23rd place, Anna Thompson scored a 4.55 for 28th place, Cameryn Teichmiller scored a 4.425 for 29th place, and Anna Smith scored a 3.55 for 33rd.

Ashland won the invite with 130.95 points. Grantsburg was second with 127.725. Medford was third with 124.725. Antigo was fourth with 121.125. Rhinelander was fifth with a score of 119.275. Superior was sixth with a 113.825. Chequamegon was seventh with a 90.875, and Lakeland was eighth with a 72.725.

Overall, head coach Haley Farrell was proud of her gymnasts.

“Julie Neuberg got her personal best score on bars and her routine was just about perfect. She also had a beautiful half on half off on vault,” Farrell said. “Sarah Thompson also did a beautiful job on her floor routine and I was very proud of Anna Smith for competing her floor routine for the first time ever today. Anna Thompson’s vaults were some of the best I’ve seen this year and Cameryn Teichmiller did a great job going over the vault and in her bars routine.”

The T-Birds final home meet of the season is against Medford tonight at 5:45.

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