As the grass starts to appear under all that white stuff, it’s finally time to hit the links, and that is what the Lakeland golf team intends to do.

On March 25, the Lakeland Union High School golf team began its season with the first practice, and that practice began with a meeting in the wrestling room where coach Scott Howard would lay the foundations for the season.

“Today we’re doing a lot of rules,” Howard said. “Today’s more of a crash course on beginner stuff then anything else.”

The week was all about getting to know how to play a little bit. There are several new United States Golf Association (USGA) rule changes for 2019 which can be tricky to pick up. But that, along with team chemistry, is important in that first week.

“Trying to get everybody rules-educated is the big thing,” Howard said. “Everybody meets each other, some team bonding, let everybody in the program see how the system works.”

Once the rules and regulations are explained, the team will be going outside to hit the golf ball for real. The team plays on its home courses of Timber Ridge Golf Club, Trout Lake Golf Club and Minocqua Country Club. 

Down south, the snow is nearly gone to almost gone, allowing courses to be used and open. Up here, there is still enough on the ground to prevent the team from getting on the course. 

But that won’t stop them from getting their work in. Even if they can’t go outdoors, there is plenty to work on indoors. Going somewhere warmer is another option as well.

“Last year we traveled and in previous years we traveled a lot and we’ll probably be doing that this year,” Howard said. “After this weekend, hopefully we’ll have a little better idea as far as A, how far we need to go and B, when we’ll be outside here.”

The Lakeland golf team can’t wait to go back on the golf course once more and go for the conference title.

The Thunderbirds first meet is Thursday, April 11 with the Ashland Invite starting at 2 p.m.

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