" Anymore and you’re out.
" Mark Hartzheim Minocqua town chairman
Minocqua Brewing Company (MBC) owner Kirk Bangstad appeared at the Minocqua town board’s Tuesday meeting, wasting no time to tell the board what he wants.
As is customary at Minocqua town board meetings, town chairman Mark Hartzheim called the meeting to order and the Pledge of Allegiance was said. Immediately after that, Bangstad claimed a “point of order.”
“I’ve been told it’s against the law to put an agenda item on the agenda,” he said with town chairman Mark Hartzheim telling him he was out of order. 
Bangstad continued, saying he believed “it’s against the law for a county board executive to ask you guys to put something on the agenda and you still ... ”
He stopped after Minocqua police chief Dave Jaeger said if he didn’t he would be escorted out of the meeting by other police officers who were at the meeting. 
“Anymore and you’re out,” Hartzheim said. “And I think you know that.”
All town officials and supervisors, besides Hartzheim, had alcoholic beverages placed by their seats by Bangstad before the meeting began. Town supervisor Brian Fricke appeared to have moved the beverage out of his view to a window shelf behind where he was sitting.
Towards the end of the meeting, in the public comment portion of the meeting where the town board can’t respond to comments made outside of the agenda, Bangstad said he wanted two things from the town: A conditional use permit (CUP) to have a beer garden at MBC and parking requirements included in the business’s currently filed administrative review permit (ARP) waived. 
He also claimed Oneida County planning and zoning director Karl Jennrich told him he requested MBC to be on the town board’s agenda for Tuesday’s meeting. 
That wasn’t the case, however, according to emails exchanged between the two earlier in the day. 
Bangstad said to Jennrich in an email he was the only one who has gotten back to him with regard to MBC’s CUP request being placed on the town board’s meeting agenda. 
“I can’t see why a request made by the county to put this on the town agenda 11 days ago wouldn’t be honored,” he concluded.
Jennrich, though, emailed Bangstad back indicating the town would follow normal CUP procedure and it was his understanding MBC’s request for a CUP would first be on a town plan commission agenda. He said he was scheduled to attend the town’s March 28 plan commission meeting. 
“Furthermore I was informed that the Town of Minocqua will not have a Town Board meeting on April 4th due to elections and the Town Board of Minocqua may be taking action on your conditional use permit on April 5,” Jennrich said. “I have tentatively scheduled the public hearing for your Conditional Use Permit on April 19th. You will have to confirm the dates, times and places for the Minocqua Planning Commission and the Town Board with the Town of Minocqua.”
Town clerk Roben Haggart confirmed MBC’s CUP will be on the plan commission’s March 28 agenda and it would follow the normal procedure typical of every other CUP and ARP application. She said the CUP, if approved by the county, would replace the ARP.
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