Even with conference already wrapped up, there was one more match to go for the Lakeland golf team.

Thursday, May 16 at Eagle River Golf Course was the site for the final Great Northern Conference (GNC) golf match. Lakeland was the top team again winning with a score of 319. The win gave them a perfect 7-0 record in the GNC matches.

“It’s not something that anyone can ever better,” coach Scott Howard said. “That team-wise speaks to itself. Everybody’s got character here, experience. They were able to play real well all spring.”

The Thunderbirds had the top three golfers yet again. Leading it off was the Player of the Year in Kyle Bengston. He shot a 78 and had the overall lowest score of all the matches.

Tied for the second best golfer of the day was Ansen Nomm and Adam Lazaroff with a score of 80. Ansen had nothing over a five on the front nine while Lazaroff had a 40 on both the front and back nine.

Kaeden Nomm was right behind them with an 81, tied for fourth best on the day. He shot a three on three holes in the front nine.

“It’s a journey, this is not a sprint it’s a marathon,” Howard said. “We try to train them one shot at a time and plot their way around the golf course.”

Jake Collins failed to score in the top 10 and shot a 96. His downfall came on the fourth hole when he shot an 11. 

It was their second straight year of winning the GNC. The Thunderbirds also swept last year’s matches and went 7-0.

Bengston, Ansen, Kaeden and Lazaroff all made first team all-conference. Collins made the second team. With conference done, it is time for the postseason. 

“It’s postseason so everyone starts over at zero,” Howard said. “We had a big lead coming into today, we don’t have a big lead going in next week.”

Back-to-back sweeps will always be special. But the journey is far from over. Now it is time to get ready for Regionals as they try to go farther than they’ve ever gone before.

Their next matches come today with Regional play in Medford. 

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