Social media is not always best known for its gratitude or outpouring of positivity. Amid the hashtags and filtered photos, however, came a series of encouraging messages sent out via Twitter from playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda in recent years. 

Of musical “Hamilton” fame, Miranda had taken to his Twitter account for a number of weeks in an attempt to start the day with his followers via an open heart greeting for the day. Part poetry, part kick-in-the-pants don’t give up, Miranda had a piece of poetry for every morning and also every night. The following grew, and the greetings and sign-offs became a regular event. 

The Tweets were just tiny tidbits of advice — all within 280 characters — but always offering a big dose of encouragement for everyone to be at their best, reflect, have gratitude, keep a chin up and happiness. 

“G’morning, G’night” is a composition of Miranda’s favorite daily greetings or send-off good nights, or ones that touched the most of his audience. 

The brief and lyrical notations, which read like pep talks or the affirmations that run inside our heads, are illustrated in the book by acclaimed artist Jonny Son. These black and white line drawings are both light-hearted and a comforting addition for each page. They are often tiny paragraphs of what we might tell a friend, something encouraging and happy, yet also something that’s always good to hear from a friend as well. 

The book is short and a quick read at only about 200 pages. Each passage is thoughtful, however, and the book lends itself to reading a few pages a time to add a little positivity into each day and night. It is a touchstone for a bad day, and a good day, with just a quick lift. 

Miranda is an award-winning composer and playwright, in addition to his new book. 

“G’night! Before you turn the world down, make a little space for yourself. Brush your teeth, tidy the counter, put down the phone. Savor the best part of the day for one more second. Woo! Okay. Have at it, dreams!”